The Public Service Commission for each state establishes the deposit and fees policy for that state. They also regulate the fee amounts and deposit interest rate. The following is a description by state of these policies.

Residential Deposit
A deposit may be waived for a new Customer if:
  • The Customer can supply the Company with a good letter of credit
  • A qualified Guarantor signs for the Customer
If a deposit is required, it will be equal to 2 times the average monthly charge based on the class of service. Payments for deposits can be made in 2 installments.

Commercial Deposit
A deposit will be equal to 2 times the average monthly charge for the class of service.

Miscellaneous Charges

Arkansas Other Service Charges

Due Date
All accounts have a 14-day due date.

Deposit Interest
Interest on deposits will be paid in December at a rate of 0.60%. Interest payments are applied annually to the customer's account and appear as a credit on the customer's bill. Interest rates are reviewed and established by the Commission each year.