MyEbill Frequently Asked Questions

Enroll in MyEbill, Liberty Utilities – Empire District’s free service providing you the ease of receiving and viewing your bill online. In order to enroll for MyEbill, you must first sign up for MyAccount.

Sign Up for MyAccount Log in to MyAccount

Why Sign Up for MyEbill?

How Can I Sign Up?

To sign up for MyEbill, you need to first create a MyAccount registry. To do this you must have:

If you are already registered with MyAccount, simply log in and select MyEbill from the menu and follow the easy steps to sign up.

New MyAccount user? Register MyAccount and sign up for MyEbill.

Current MyAccount user? Log in MyAccount and sign up for MyEbill.

Is MyEbill secure?

Yes. For security and privacy, enrollment requires a user name and password to log on to MyAccount. We use the industry standard encryption for Web content.

What are my payment options?

Liberty Utilities – Empire District offers the following payment options:

MyEbill with Auto-Pay

This is the easiest way to pay your Liberty Utilities – Empire District bill. Each month the balance due which will be shown on your MyEbill will be deducted from your bank account. When you sign up for Auto-Pay, you can select your payment date. However, if the date you select will not work with your current due date, an Liberty Utilities – Empire District representative will contact you to discuss your options.

Sign up for Auto-Pay

Average Payment Plan

For additional convenience, customers can also sign up for the Average Payment Plan (APP). APP calculates the expected annual service charges and divides it into equal payments. At the end of the contract year, the actual usage is reviewed and a customer's contract and installment amount are adjusted for the next 12 months. Participation in APP requires customers pay their pre-determined average amount every month – even if the status shown on their contract information is a credit. Customers who fail to make monthly installment payments are subject to have their APP contract terminated. APP customers can also select a new payment due date which can be up to seven days from their current due date.

Sign up for Average Payment Plan

Make a One-Time Payment

Customers can make an immediate payment by credit card or electronic funds transfer either online or by phone. There is a convenience fee for this service.

Make a one-time payment

Utilize a Payment Location

Customers can pay their monthly bill at their local Liberty Utilities – Empire District office or through a collection site that can be found nearby.

Find payment location

Pay by Mail

Paying by mail remains an option for customers using MyEbill. Customers need to print their bill, remove the remittance portion, and mail it to:
Liberty Utilities – Empire District
PO Box 650689
Dallas, TX 75265-0689

Can any customer enroll?

Yes. Existing customers can enroll at anytime. New customers may enroll once they receive their Liberty Utilities – Empire District account number.

If I transfer my service, will the MyEbill transfer?

Yes, if your old Liberty Utilities – Empire District account was enrolled in MyEbill your new account will be also. However, you may receive a final bill for your old account during the transition.

What if I have questions or concerns about my bill?

Our Contact Center representatives are available to answer questions about your bill from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Electric customers should call 800‑206‑2300. Natural gas customers should call 800‑424‑0427.

Will I continue to receive my bill by mail?

After you enroll for MyEbill, you will no longer receive your paper bill. Instead you will receive an email each month letting you know your new bill is available online.

If you do not receive your email notification, please verify it has not been sent to your Spam, Junk, or Bulk mail folder. Make sure to add our email address: to your approved senders list so your internet service provider will accept these messages.

If you do not receive your monthly email, you can still view your bill through the MyAccount section of the Liberty Utilities – Empire District Web site.

The email sent serves as notification for you to view your bill. Non-receipt of the email does not absolve a customer from their obligation to pay the amount due to Liberty Utilities – Empire District.