Over the last 100 years, we have watched the use of electricity evolve – from candles to light bulbs, clothes lines to electric dryers, and printed books to electronic readers.

Today, it’s time for us to encourage our customers to continue the evolution to power a greater portion of our transportation. Why? Because it just makes sense – environmentally and economically.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have zero to near-zero emissions. Because the transportation sector accounts for more than a quarter of annual U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, electrification presents a huge opportunity to achieve national clean air and climate goals.

In addition to the environmental benefits, driving an EV is also economical. Based on national average residential electricity prices, fueling an EV is equivalent to paying about $1.25 per gallon of gasoline. And, EVs have lower maintenance requirements than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

To accelerate this evolution, Empire is leading by example. We are committed to invest at least five percent of our annual vehicle fleet budget in EVs and plug-in technologies.

We are asking you to investigate whether EVs might be the right choice for you, your customers, and your employees. Empire is committed to partnering with companies to install charging stations throughout our service territory.

If you have questions about adding EVs to your fleet or would like to partner with us to install charging stations, please email our Empire EV team at electric.vehicles@empiredistrict.com. We are here to help.

Charging Station Locations

Missouri Southern State University
Joplin Public Library
Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience (Joplin)
Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center
Branson Landing
Crowder College (Neosho)
Empire Office (7th & Wall, Joplin)
Empire Office (Branson)
Empire Contact Center (Ozark)
Empire Service Center (Aurora)
Ozark Community Center (Ozark)
For more visit www.afdc.energy.gov/stations