Reliable, Responsible & Economical

For over 100 years, Liberty Utilities – Empire District has provided reliable, responsible and economical energy to the four-states region. The energy we provide today is cleaner than ever. Our focus on fuel diversity, efficiency improvements and environmental upgrades ensures we can continue to provide reliable, locally-sourced energy, jobs and other economic benefits for our region well into the future.

New Era at Riverton

The addition of a new “combined cycle” power production process at Riverton is the first large-frame combined cycle unit in the state of Kansas. As part of a plan to comply with new standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Liberty Utilities – Empire District has retired two 1950’s era coal units at Riverton. The combined cycle addition replaced the retired coal units. Its high efficiency is helping hold down fuel costs for customers while lowering emissions and protecting the environment.

Higher Efficiency Controls Fuel Costs

Recaptured exhaust heat boosts output by 100 MWs or 67% Replaces 1950's era coal units
In service May 1, 2016 Cost - $168 million
What is combined cycle?
Refers to a steam turbine running in combination with a turbine fueled by natural gas. The steam turbine is powered by the exhaust heat of the gas unit.
The Riverton 12 Combined Cycle Unit began commercial operation on May 1, 2016. Continuing a tradition of innovative and economical power generation at Riverton dating back to 1905.
Anticipated emission reductions up to
NOx 95%
SO2 95%
CO2 60% - 70%

Electricity is Still a Good Value

Despite the major environmental projects undertaken in the last several years, electricity remains a good value. Consider all of the ways electricity makes your life better – there is no other product or service that you rely on as much. For less than $5 you can power your entire home for a day. Compare electricity to the cost of a mobile phone plan, satellite television or the price of one fast food meal and the value of electricity shines.

The Power to Conserve

When it comes to electricity, you have the power to influence how much you use. Take advantage of our energy efficiency programs, online energy calculators and budget options like the Average Payment Plan.