Mulch Request Form

The debris left behind from tree trimming and ground clearance is ground up and can be used by our customers as mulch.

If you are interested in receiving a truck load of mulch, please fill out and submit the form below. Please note, mulch is delivered on an “as available” basis and in the order of request.

Reminders for our customers about the mulch offered by Liberty Utilities:

  • Mulch is not always available. We cannot guarantee date and time of delivery.
  • The mulch offered is not the decorative mulch purchased at garden stores.
  • If mulch is in the compost stage, it takes approximately four to six weeks to deteriorate. During this time it may severely damage garden plants and shrubs.
  • Do not place mulch near structures, patios, or play areas due to risk of pests, mold, and/or ignition.
  • During the summer season, green mulch may attract stinging insects.
  • As it deteriorates, the mulch may have a strong odor like that of rotting grass and leaves.
  • As it deteriorates, we encourage you to keep a hose nearby as the decaying material does have an ignition risk.
  • The mulch will kill grass under it and may stain a driveway or sidewalk.
  • The mulch will likely contain stringy material including small sticks and yard rakings.
  • Do not burn wood mulch in any wood burning stove, fireplace, furnace, etc.
  • Average size of mulch load contains between seven and ten cubic yards.
  • All deliveries must be made on a solid surface on your property, and Liberty Utilities and its contractors are not responsible for any yard or surface damage caused by delivery.
  • Once a load is delivered and unloaded, it becomes your property and Liberty Utilities will not pick it up.
where you can be reached during the day
detailed location on the property where the mulch can be deposited

I willingly assume the risks described above and any other risks associated with receiving the mulch as described above, and I hereby waive the right to hold Liberty Utilities or its contractors liable for these risks.