Local Wind Energy:

A Path To Customer Savings

On October 31, 2017, our company filed with regulators an exciting new plan to expand our wind energy resources. The plan calls for the development of an additional 800 megawatts of wind energy strategically located in or near our service territory by the end of 2020. Once this project is fully operational it is expected to generate cost savings of $150-$300 million over a 20 year time period. We understand that our customers expect us to look for innovative ways to provide reliable energy, hold down costs, and support our region by investing locally. This initiative is an important step to ensure we meet those expectations.

The Time Is Right For Wind

Changes in cost, innovation and technology have made generating wind energy in our region a cost effective and reliable way to help produce the power you need.

What's Changed
  • Lower wind production costs
  • Technology advancements
  • Availability of low-cost natural gas
What We Already Know
  • Tax credits begin to expire EOY 2020
  • Additional coal ash handling upgrades required by April 2019
  • High costs to operate 45-year-old coal plant relative to wind generation
A New Path Forward
  • Innovation, technology and changing markets
  • Opportunities to create value
  • $150M - $300M in savings over 20 years, compared to current resource plan = $10/month savings for average residential customer

Wind Makes Our Community Stronger

Generating more energy from wind right here at home not only keeps power reliable and affordable, but it helps make our community stronger.

Innovation At Home
Bringing innovation and latest technology to our area keeps costs competitive and lets us control our own energy future
Economic Development Edge
Keeping energy costs competitive gives our community an edge in retaining jobs and attracting development
Local Investment
Generating up to 800 MW in our region means $1.5 billion in investment
Local Income
Landowners get a new source of steady income AND tax revenue is created for local communities where the wind is produced
Healthier Community
Cleaner energy makes our community healthier, and more sustainable

Local Development - Made in the Midwest

The initiative calls for up to 800 megawatts of new wind generation to be located in our region (meaning within a 150-mile radius of Joplin). Up to 500 megawatts of this may be developed in Southwest Missouri, keeping economic beneits here at home. The potential local sites for wind development are in rural areas of Barton, Jasper, Dade, and Lawrence counties. The first land lease option was signed in April 2017, and nearly 50,000 acres have been secured.

Local development will provide local property tax revenue, economic stimulus during construction, and attractive jobs for ongoing operation. Landowners also receive a new source of steady income while much of their land remains available for existing uses like farming and livestock production.

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